Pooches' Playtime

Overnight Stays

  • How do I get started?
  • How old does my dog have to be?
  • Are all breeds welcome?
  • What if my dog isn't fixed?
  • My dog usually sleeps with me, will he be okay?
  • Do I have to commit to a schedule?
  • My dog is really small, will he be safe?
  • What shots are required?
  • Can I download the consent forms?
  • My dog is really old and doesn't like to play.
    What can you do to keep him comfortable?
  • Do you charge for medication administration?

E-mail us at poochesplaytime@aol.com or call Molly at (415) 617-5770 to discuss your needs and make an interview appointment so we can see if our services can meet you and your dog's needs. We will screen your dog for comfort, aggression, separation anxiety and general health. We want to make sure your dog is content to be here and not a danger to himself or others.  If you bring the following paperwork in, that will speed up things considerably.

Here are the three forms we require:

You can download the PDF with all three forms here.


Puppies of any age are welcome at no extra charge.



However, we have found that some dogs are not suitable for a closed play environment due to inherent traits for which they were bred. We can discuss your dog's traits and determine suitability. We can offer referrals to appropriate care providers for dogs that may not be suited for this play environment.


Puppies under the age of 6 months are welcome if not altered. All others must be fixed. We are not a dating service.

We never know how a dog will respond to a night away from home. That is why we like to have our guests begin their experience here with a trial day care and a trial overnight if indicated. That way your dog has the time to adjust to new surroundings and bond with us. We never leave a dog unsupervised if there is a concern for safety. And since Molly and Jen live on site, we can tell if your dog needs a little extra TLC at bedtime. Molly is a big softie and puts little dogs in her despite knowing that she is spoiling them rotten.


No way.  We're easy like that.


Of course! Our screening process will tell us if your dog is suited for our services. We teach good manners, and never let a dog get bullied by other dogs. We have  different rooms which allow us to manage the bigger dogs from the smaller dogs and shy dogs from more out going ones.

We do not support the routine over-vaccination of pets. We recommend that you have your veterinarian check your dog for health and follow a sensible protocol. We also recommend reading Dr. Martin Goldstein's, The Nature of Animal Healing on this and related health topics. Rabies shots are required in CA every 3 years.

Yes you can! Here are the three forms we require:

You can download the PDF with all three forms here.


Older dogs are our specialty.  In fact we foster dogs for Muttville, a senior dog rescue project.  We have quieter rooms and a ramp to the outdoors for our seniors who like a more mellow experience.

Heck no! And we don't charge for nail trims, belly rubs and bedtime cookies either.  Note that we do not offer blueberry facials.