Pooches' Playtime


For our local dogs the high point of the day is our playgroup. We take a group of social, well-behaved dogs out to McLaren Park. We pick up your dog in our well-ventilated/air-conditioned vehicles and spend at least a full hour at the park. The dogs run, hike, chase, swim, and wrestle. Some of our older dogs just sniff the flowers and other dogs' behinds but it beats lying about the house all day alone.  You don't pay for travel time and we guarantee that your dog will get lots of exercise. We also offer a more moderate walk for wheezers and geezers.  We even work with deaf and blind dogs.

Environmental responsibly is a big deal to us. We drive hybrids, pick up a whole lot of poop and trash and leave the park cleaner than when we arrived.  Got any old plastic bags like the ones the newspapers come in?  We sure could use 'em.  We bring water for the dogs and keep them cool in the summer by letting them swim.  Do they get dirty?  You bet they do and they love it.  This is a family run business. Jen and Molly do all the playgroups.  We don't subcontract with other walkers so you always know who is walking your dog and who has your house keys.  A tired and happy dog for just $23/day with no minimum schedule requirements.

our playful dogs

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