Pooches' Playtime

Overnight Stays

Get out the popcorn! We offer sleepovers for dogs once we have met them and determined that they will be safe and comfortable here. We are not a kennel and do not require crates or cages although crates are available to our guests who prefer them. After their dinner and a day of play, our guests like to snuggle up together to snooze. Best of all, Molly and Jen are sleeping right upstairs and can comfort your pup if he's missing you. Day care is always included in the boarding rate of $50 rate of the night of boarding. Got separation anxiety? No problem. We have been known to spoil a dog or two. If your dog is not happy here, we will help you find the perfect fit with excellent referrals. We are a small outfit. That means we get to be choosy about the dogs we take care of and you know that we know your dog thoroughly.

our sleepy dogs

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